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No job is to small or large, from small dents to major insurance repair work we can offer a full range of repair services.

Insurance Work

We provide a full range of bodywork for any vehicle and level of damage, for any insurance company. Many motorists still do not realise they don't need to use the repairer specified by their insurance company. Rather than travel miles to your insurers listed bodyshop why not use our services. We provide a courtesy car* and a delivery collection service in appropriate circumstances.

*Courtesy car is subject to terms and conditions




Alloy Wheel Repair

 Alloy Wheel Repair

We can bring your alloy wheels back to their  original condition for a very low cost. Scratched or Kerbed wheels can be easily repaired  to a much higher standard than most mobile operators.

Our Services


You have a right to have your car repaired at the repairer of your choice. Excel Body Repairs has a duty of care to you as a customer, to repair your vehicle to manufacturer standards.


Your insurance company may tell you that you warranty won't be valid or you won't receive a courtesy car or it will take longer to repair.

Be assured that this is not the case. We can provide you with all of these things and repair your vehicle to the high standard it deserves.


Smart Repairs   


BMW Minor DamageSMART Repair is the collective name for a range of modern techniques that enable the  repair of most minor vehicle damage without  the use of expensive replacement parts or traditional repair methods. The beauty of SMART Repair is the ability to provide you with fast, high quality, cost effective repairs that have no effect on your insurance  premium.       



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